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Teesside Heritage Walk 2024 - Please help

12 May 2024

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. We have 4 people hoping to do the walk for us - including our Vice Chairman Sam Hussain and Cardiology Matron - Stephanie Davis and 2 of her friends. Please support them using the following links: or

Please support the South Cleveland Heart Fund by registering for this sponsored walk.

THE TEES HERITAGE WALK, along the banks of the River Tees on Sunday 12th May 2024, is organised by Middlesbrough Erimus Rotary, supported by Middlesbrough and Stockton Colleges, Middlesbrough and Stockton Councils, PD Ports, Groundwork North East & Cumbria and Middlesbrough Cleveland, Teesside West and Stokesley Rotary Clubs.

All information can be found here:

The walk offers the opportunity to raise funds for the South Cleveland Heart Fund and also learn more about the River Tees industrial heritage and the current work and development by Councils, volunteer organisations and Rotary which are reshaping the banks and footpaths of the river.

There are 6 routes to choose – so can accommodate all.

Option 1 is the main walk - 12.8 miles from Middlesbrough College to Stockton’s Millennium Bridge and back. It is linked to three national routes and offers views of seven Tees bridges from a very different perspective.

Option 2 Middlesbrough College to Infinity Bridge and back (11 miles)

Option 3 – Middlesbrough College to the Tees Barrage and back (9.8 miles)

Option 4 – Middlesbrough College to Newport Bridge and back (6.9 miles)

Option 5 – Middlesbrough College - one way route to the Millennium Bridge (6.5 miles)

Option 6 - Dock Dawdle – from Middlesbrough College around Middlesbrough Dock (1 mile)

N.B. Where the use of wheelchairs and pushchairs could be difficult, due to surface conditions or steps, alternative routes requiring small diversions are available.

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