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Scanner Appeal Donations

Our £1milion Scanner Appeal which will fund the major upgrade of existing MRI Scanners at The James Cook University Hospital has launched and we have recently received the following generous donations towards it.

Scanner Appeal Donations

M.R. Scanner Appeal Poster

Scanner Appeal Poster

Our £1milion Scanner Appeal which will fund the major upgrade of existing MRI Scanners at The James Cook University Hospital has launched and we have recently received the following generous donations towards it.

Many supporters choose to use Justgiving as the method of raising funds for SCHF and anyone wanting to see how funds are raised by sponsorship should visit the SCHF Justgiving page

Among other fundraisers there they will find:

Kirsty Suddes and Helen Bayles who raised over £1000 completing the Great North Swim.

Alison Kirkham who with husband Graham completed the Outlaw Half Triathlon, after their Gran, Barbara Pile, received superb treatment in the Cardiothoracic unit at JCUH.

Don and Teresa Hetherington who are completing all 214 Wainwrights (so far raising £1255). Don has had treatment starting in 1999 with a triple bypass. It has taken him 15 years to start fundraising hence his name on Justgiving - FOGI 53 (Full of good intentions). For a diary of Don and Teresa’s walks see their Facebook page

Recent Donations

Mr Brian Gale 12500 Psyche fashion evening 2038
Miranda Francis and Students concert 658 St Mary's R C Cathedral Lenten soup lunches 750
Pam Rawlinson Plant Sale 1455 Joyce Neasham sale of cakes 400
Gazette Wish Tokens 336 Margaret Warman 500
In memory of Fred Gowing 500 In memory of Malcolm Smith 559
J and K Morley Golden Wedding anniversary 300 K Wilson In gratitude for treatment 1000
S J Macey 2000 St Margaret's Brookfield Coffee morning etc 725
North East Ladies' Day Lunch at Wynyard in 2014 8100 Teesside Inst. Of Measurement Fund raising dinner
and Control 3670 Zetland Lodge 570
Cochrane's Sports Club 1698 Acklam Rugby Club Race Night 977

£12500 Mr Brian Gale, "I am impressed with your work and would like to contribute".

£1000 Keith Wilson from Cumbria with gratitude to Cardiothoracic unit for treatment.

£336 Gazette Wish Tokens.

£2038 Psyche

£400 Joyce Neasham from sale of cakes.

£750 St. Mary's R C Cathedral from Lenten Soup Lunches.

£2000 Susan Macey

£165.00 Coffee morns at Appleton Wiske MethChapel

£5.00 C Stuart

£50.00 Mr M I Sayer in mem wife, Irene.

£50.00 A & Mrs S Woods

£30.00 Mr W Rogers

£117.00 Mr & Mrs Muir Domino Drive

£350.00 TTE 3 peaks (Sabic top-up)

£20.00 B Rees

£86.03 Church of the Ascension

£100.00 Peter Raffle - can recycling

£1,000.00 Mbro Rotary Club

£570.00 Zetland Lodge

£650.00 Hartlepool Masonic Benevolent Ass'n

£100.00 E A Buckley

£100.00 A Bunn

£25.00 in mem Maureen Sproxton

£10.00 D M Carrigan

£100.00 I M & J A Dack

£1,000.00 Mr D Brown

£50.00 V Nevison

£50.00 Albert & June Cooper

£100.00 Mr & Mrs E Weekes

£1,000.00 Mrs I Leighton

£5,000.00 J W Thomas

£20.00 Mrs J Ogden

£17,424.55 Est of Peter M Paxton

£76.31 In mem Iris Booth

£50.00 Mrs S Knaggs

£20.00 Mrs M B Stevenson

£244.06 In mem Alex Marsden

£139.81 Patrick Brompton Church collection

£10.00 In mem Alex Marsden

£50.00 Norman Knapp (gift aid)

£100.00 Stewart & Cynthia Brew

£145.00 Staff Fairfield Primary school

£155.00 In mem Frank Ablett

£10.00 Mrs M E Laity

£2,500.00 Hazel Munroe - Scchool of dancing

£100.00 Miss B Perry

£50.00 Mrs M Coupland

£1,698.10 Cochranes Sports Club

£54.50 Captain Cook Lodge

£1,500.00 Appleby Rotary Club

£100.00 Captain Cook Lodge

£35.00 Mr B W Eddershaw

£700.00 Captain Cook Lodge

£1,000.00 Mrs M Shimmin

£30.00 Mrs Freda Jewitt

£10.00 Mrs J Docherty

£50.00 Mrs Sheila Drinkhall

£265.00 Mr G & Mrs J Park

£100.00 I & L J Cromack

£60.00 In mem George C Colling

£20.00 anon postal order

£300.00 Cleveland Inner Wheel

£10.00 Mrs E West postal order

£100.00 Roger Lindsay

£50.00 S & H Carter

£50.00 In mem Maureen Sproxton

£270.00 Judy Snowdon & Friends

£30.00 Collecting tin

£50.00 In mem Keith Tennant

The following donations were received in responce to our Gazette appeal.

£1000 Mrs Jean Lloyd
£1982 Various anonymous donations via
£750 Zetland Ladies
£2600 Conservative Club Open Day £2675 TTE Sponsored 3 Peaks Walk
£944 Tay Tee Temenos Photo raffle £3290 James Cook Hospital Cardiothoracic Unit Staff Whitby to Redcar Walk
£2020 Rick Taylor Memorial Rugby Match £1697 Acklam Rugby Club Race Night
£883 Mrs Flo Tanfield and Hollis Court residents £427 Moray Close Residents
£500 Mrs Grant £1560 Lynn Hewling re Stan’s Stroll etc
£250 Mr Coffey £500 Mrs Leighton
£200 Fine Organics Ltd £1000 Association of Secretaries,
Cleveland Branch
£200 In memory of Edwin Mason £900 Kirsty Suddes and Helen Bayles
Great North Swim
£500 Mr and Mrs Nixon £500 Mr Petters
£500.00 Miss P Wynn £45.00 In mem Mrs Alice Dale
£100.00 Egton Old Time and
Sequence Dance Group
£200.00 Mrs I M Jackson
£100.00 Mrs E Leonard £25.00 Mrs M Liversedge
£20.00 M L Wilson £20.00 Mrs E F Roberttson
£10.00 B Swan £10.00 A P Field
£10.00 C Johnson £10.00 D Hffington
£10.00 Mrs M E Laity £20.00 D Bruce
£10.00 Mrs J Docherty £20.00 Mrs M Eccleston
£25.00 J Lewis £25.00 Mrs E Westerman
£25.00 Mrs O Palmer £10.00 Mrs I Sayer
£250.00 Mr D Maycroft £30.00 Mrs P Watson
£20.00 Mrs M E Andrew £100.00 Mrs F Clarke
£100.00 G H Ward £20.00 E Laird
£10.00 A Kay £10.00 L Carey
£50.00 P M Quinn £100.00 J N & M K Conlan
£20.00 J B Dick £100.00 Stella Wells
£100.00 Mrs V M Bruce £20.00 Mrs P M Smith
£20.00 Mrs L E Bowes £10.00 Mrs S M Freeman
£100.00 M Harrison £10.00 Mrs V Crosby
£10.00 Mrs R Axford £25.00 B A Hewitt
£1000.00 Mr K & Mrs A J Henson

Donations that helped launch the appeal

Mr and Mrs J Ruffer - £5,000 through Auckland Castle Fund
£1,000 Mrs Shimmin
£250 Mrs L.Maude
£300 Mr & Mrs Harwood
£850 in memory of Mr Peter Ward
£251 in memory of Samuel James Robson


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